Water Vapor And Basement Foundation Walls

Believe it or not, all foundation walls allow water to enter through them, right into your basement! Impossible you say? Even if liquid water never enters your basement, WATER VAPOR certainly does. That’s right, water vapor…a gas. Northwest Montana basements are simply a hole in the ground. What’s in the ground? Water!

Concrete is actually fairly porous and certainly not water proof. Even with “waterproofing” on the exterior of your foundation wall, water vapor (if not liquid water) will eventually enter through the concrete, into your basement. A traditional unfinished basement is at very low risk of any type of major structural damage due to water intrusion. Bare concrete is structurally stable and not a good food source for mold. However, when owners remodel and finish exterior foundation walls, we put all finish materials at risk.  Many basements in Northwest Montana were designed or engineered to be used as occupied space.

Over time, minor amounts of water can enter through the foundation resulting in wet walls.  This moisture is almost undetectable but it can cause big problems if not corrected.

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