Do-It-Yourself Home Restoration Tips Using WD-40!

Restoration Tool for the do-it yourselfer.

Restoration Tool for the do-it yourselfer.

  1. Does wet, heavy snow stick to your snow shovel? Lighten the lifting with a coat of WD-40 on the business side of your shovel. Will also help prevent rusting of steel scoops and edges. Spray on wood handles to prevent slivering. Also use on the throat and impellers of your snow blower to prevent buildup. Snow plows, too!
  2. When winter approaches it’s time to clean the BBQ grill. WD-40 is super for brightening the grill to loosen char and grease build-up. Apply to a cool grill and scrub aggressively with the grill brush. Also wipe down the exterior with a cloth and a light spray of WD-40.
  3. Quickly loosen tar and insects from the front bumper, grill and trim of your car.
  4. The golf clubs won’t see the light of day for a while, so fall is the time to treat the club shafts and heads to a little WD TLC. An old tooth brush will help scrub the grooves.
  5. Before storing the boat for the season, coat metal surfaces with WD-40 to prevent corrosion.
  6. Young kids marking up the walls with crayons? WD-40 will soften waxy Crayola marks so you can wipe and wash the marks away. Good idea to test wallpapers or fabrics first to be sure dyes won’t be harmed.
  7. Leather responds well to a WD- 40 massage. Apply to leather furniture in the home, car or RV. Buff with soft towel. Shoes and boots will shed water after a WD spraying.
  8. Remove glued on labels, decals and stickers from glass and jars. Soften, peel and then wash with warm, soapy water.
  9. WD-40 works great to remove last year’s ski wax from skis and snowboards.
  10. Reportedly, WD-40 works to repel wasps and yellow jackets from nesting under the eaves of a home. In early summer plan to spray where you’ve previously seen nest building activity to discourage those troublesome bees.

Hope these tips help you make quick work of common restoration challenges around your home. When things get too difficult when water damage, mold, or fire and smoke occurs in your home, call FLOODCO. We know the big tricks to solve the toughest challenges.                                  406-892-1717

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