When Unhealthy Indoor Air Is The Elephant In the Room

ImageHas your home become a dust bowl? Can’t go even a few days without seeing a layer of fine dust on furniture or countertops? When searching for the cause of dust in your home, look first at your old vacuum cleaner. That old Hoover could easily be the worst offender, spewing dusty micro pollutants every time you turn it on. Most vacuum models 10 years or older were designed with one porous filtration stage, a cloth or paper bag filter which traps large particles but allows finest dusts to exhaust throughout your living space.

Replace the ancient vac with a newer design using double, triple or spin-down filters. Look for true HEPA rating. To really eliminate this source of harmful, fine dust, invest in a central vac system which isolates the canister and filter from the living area in a garage or mechanical room. Investing in better quality vacuum cleaners will pay off in lower incidence of asthma, allergy and other respiratory diseases. The costs of being chronically sick and miserable are far greater than the purchase price of a sophisticated vacuum cleaner and frequent filter replacement.

Are you running a humidifier in the home? It could be making you sick. Without doing frequent disinfecting and thorough cleaning, plus replacing filters regularly, a humidifier becomes a serious source of bacteria or irritating minerals. Locate your owner’s manual – searching Google if necessary – and follow closely all maintenance procedures. If you can’t frequently maintain a humidifier, you are probably better off not having it in the house.

Build an inexpensive whole house filter. The home’s existing forced air heating and cooling system evolves into a giant air cleaner when that standard fiber filter is replaced with a more effective pleated or electrostatic filter. To overcome difficult problems such as odor or mold and mildew spores, you can easily find filters utilizing charcoal and spore killing coatings. Better quality, more expensive filters do provide your home safer, better quality air.

Breathe a lot easier with these tips.

For large concerns with indoor air issues, including mold or mildew, there are specialists who can help you with your unique problem. We are happy to answer questions and assist you to a place where you can breathe easy again. Send us an email or call. We care about your indoor air!

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