Whoa, What a Cold Response!

We saw good feedback on last week’s winter safety tips post. It seems folks want to do prudent things to protect themselves and property from dangerously cold arctic weather. We subsequently received a surprisingly large volume of phone calls for urgent flood cleanup and repair of water damage from frozen pipes. Proof that many NW Montana residents still aren’t adequately prepared to protect their families, homes and businesses from sustained subzero temperatures.

While briefly pausing to sympathize with a bell ringer for the Salvation Army outside the grocery store last week, I asked if he still had warm feet and hands in the minus 30 windchill. He smiled and told me that his heated socks were working OK but fingers were numb. His exposed face was a concern as cheeks were turning white. Fortunately, he said only 2 hours remained on the shift. bell ringer

Everyone has had a dangerous experience with cold weather at some point in their lives. I’ll never forget my first brutal winter after moving to Minnesota. The entire month of December saw double digits below zero with impossible wind chills of minus 50, minus 60 and worse. Renting a newly built apartment without the exterior siding installed was a serious mistake. Multiple blankets and sleeping bags were not enough when the fierce wind and snow pierced the sheathing and insulation and blew throughout the apartment. The baseboard heat could not keep up, so after work we hunkered down in a local tavern or stayed with new and generous friends. Still can’t watch a Vikings football game 30 years later without recalling that first frigid ‘Minne-Snow-ta’ winter. The old red VW bug without a working heater or defrost is another painful winter memory from that time.

What are your coldest weather experiences?

Please take a few moments and tell us about your sharpest or painful winter memory. That time you got seriously lost in a snow storm. Or the pipes froze and broke. Maybe you had to walk 14 miles one way to school during the blizzard of the century. fish house pic

Whatever your memory between childhood or yesterday, proud or embarrassing, we would like to collect and share it. Also tell us what was learned by surviving your winter adventure so others might avoid that freezing predicament. (Include your name and address. We’ll send you a warm and useful gift.)

Please use the response blank below or email to: office@floodco.net.                             Mail works fine, also.

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