Be a Force of Nature!

Flash Flood

National Flood Safety Awareness Week is next week: March 16-22, 2014. Both NOAA and FEMA will be highlighting the importance of preparing for a flood before it strikes and teach the important actions you need to take when faced with a flooding situation.

Turn around sign

Turn Around Don’t Drown. Last year, 85 people lost their lives to freshwater flooding. More than half of those fatalities were a result of people driving into flood waters. On average, there are 89 fatalities and $8.3 billion in property damages due to freshwater flooding annually.

Be a Force of Nature. Know your risks and potential exposure to flooding, take action. Be an example where you live. Following these simple steps year round will help keep you and your loved ones safe when hazardous weather strikes. Keep a close eye on your local and neighborhood forecast, create a disaster supplies kit, and alert others via texts and social media when a flood threat or other hazardous weather threat exists!

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Be a Force of Nature!