Look What the Mailman Brought Today!

One of our minor chores each day is stopping by the Post Office for mail. When the mail brings Comment Cards from our customers we always appreciate and nearly always thrill to the kind words our customers write.

Comment Card

This comment card above reads:

Thank you for all your help. The guys were very nice and offered advice when asked. Not easy to to get in and out with all the snow–but they did it! Thought the expense was very reasonable!            (Would you refer FloodCo to your friends and family? Yes is circled.)


It matters greatly to us that our customer is satisfied and seriously delighted with the services we provide during the worst experience they may ever have as property owners. Our customers were never planning to call us on the day of the flood or some other disaster like smoke or fire overwhelmed them.

Returning lives to normal as quickly as possible is what we do. Our technicians respond to property loss scenarios that are often unpleasant and very stressful and disruptive to our customers. Hearing that our technicians’ work was appreciated means so much to all our staff!

Thanks to our customers who take a few moments to write and appreciate us and the good value provided.

Posted by Lloy on February 16, 2015. Comments are always welcome if you would like to, please email lloy@floodco.net or call 406 892-1717.