‘3’ Things Everyone Needs to Know About ‘BLACK’ WATER

Category “3” flood losses are often referred to as ‘BLACK” WATER contamination. This a very common ‘Bio-Hazard’ event in homes and businesses. Contaminated water sources expose humans to severe sickness just with contact or consumption. Grossly unsanitary conditions arise from quantities of sewage or dirty flood water entering a structure. Category “3” sources include:


Black water sceneAdditionally, Black Water can develop from what was initially clean tap water (Category 1) that saturated carpet containing any bacteria and other latent pathogens or toxins, including urine and fecal matter. So, the source of the water intrusion doesn’t by itself determine the contamination level of the loss. The surface in contact with the water can also affect the contamination level. History and characteristics of that water are other factors. Time and Temperature are the property owner’s enemy as Category 1 water becomes Category 2 becomes black Category 3. In around 48 hours.

Water color might be clear or cloudy, brown, or other shades of colors and still be ‘Black Water’.

When porous materials like carpet and pad are saturated with Black Water, these materials should be contained and removed for disposal. The health of the occupants or workers must be a primary concern. Those persons with weak immune systems, allergies or immune systems, respiratory problems, young or elderly should be advised to stay away from a Black Water clean-up site until the property has been sanitized.

Pathogens and toxins from dried Black Water may become airborne as mist or dust during the dry-out process. Breathing pathogens from sewage is extremely risky as they can contain potentially deadly viruses, bacteria, protozoa and other microbes.

Black water cholera
A sewage spill delivers and spreads dangerous bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms into a living space. This often revolting kind of water damage is classified by disaster pros as Category 3 -Black Water and requires urgent, professional extraction and treatment. FloodCo LLC’s specially trained and IICRC certified technicians quickly remove raw sewage, black water contaminants, and any residual moisture from fixtures, floor and walls. Then we continue treatment to assure the area is deep cleaned, disinfected, deodorized and completely dried out to prevent mold and bacterial growth. We can also help determine the cause of the backup and suggest plumbing repairs to prevent another awful occurrence.

We send our work documentation to your insurance adjuster when there is coverage for the damage. (It is important that you visit with your insurance agent to confirm there is specific and adequate coverage in your homeowners or renters policy. Not all property policies automatically provide this important protection but it can often be added by endorsement without a lot of cost – before a sewer backup claim occurs.)

When a sewer spill occurs, don’t hesitate at all– Call FloodCo LLC. We will respond quickly 24/7 365 days a year (including holidays). We know how urgent a Black Water loss is so will get that mess cleaned up ASAP. We can immediately relieve stress from the situation and remove and protect your contents.                                                   Our phone number is 406 892-1717.  Answered by a FloodCo LLC employee 24/7 any day.