Dangers of Fire in the WUI



As evidenced by forest fires breaking out many weeks too early this year, our Northwest Montana fire chiefs and forestry officials are facing a potentially devastating fire season with potential for serious property damage in our region. If you live in or near the ‘WUI’- that is the Wildland Urban Interface there is still time to do some relatively low cost and important things to protect your property from wildfire.Please take some time to read up on the things you should do NOW to reduce the serious risks of wildfire this summer. Become firewise.

Be aware that flying embers are the primary threat to structures when forests burn and ‘crown out’, creating ember laden air currents. Crown fires from dense, unthinned forests can advance a mile or more in a day as embers lead the way! Embers and firebrands landing on small fuels, like landscape mulch or debris sitting in gutters or under decks, will readily ignite and quickly involve a structure. When you get word of approaching wildfire you will not have time to make your home less vulnerable to wildfire. Will your property be vulnerable or reasonably safe?

This terrific video illustrates how an ember storm will ignite a home surrounded by some fine, dry fuels:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Vh4cQdH26g.

http://www.firewise.org/wildfire-preparedness/be-firewise/project-ideas.aspx. Describes several worthwhile firewise project ideas families can easily do with little cost.

If you have specific questions about fire protection for your neighborhood, please contact your local fire officials.

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